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Quote1.png They will be like unto the mad gods of old. All minds will be open to them and their dark agenda. It will be the beginning of the end for this world. Quote2.png
-- Apocalypse

Appearing in "Tremble Before His Might"

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Synopsis for "Tremble Before His Might"

Quote1.png I know this is confusing. But Apocalypse and his horsemen are the good guys, especially when you compare them to Xavier. When we've faced them before they were under the sway of Xavier and the Shadow King. I've learned that lots of the insanity infecting this world was their fault. Nick Fury, along with most of the U.S. Government have been under Xavier's sway for the past few years. He's been using his mind control to sway public opinion against mutants... just to keep them away from him. And now he's about to embark on a campaign to completely control every mind in the United States. Quote2.png

(Confusing to say the least!)

So Xavier has been using the part of himself that is merged with the Shadow King to absorb the minds of all the telepaths on the planet as he could get to them. The Six are on the run from him since he's turned himself into Onslaught, and barely make it to Magneto's Antarctic Base. When Apocalypse and his horsemen show up, The Six get riled up and start to fight them until Havok explains the situation (above), and Apocalypse guarantees his horsemen will not harm them.

Apocalypse then reveals Xavier's plan to take over the world. Since the Shadow King part of him runs on fear, Xavier has devised a fake Galactus to come and terrorize the planet, giving him more and more power as people become more and more afraid.

Fake Galactus lands, and he is met by the Six and the horsemen, who begin to pour on the power. Then some fake heralds show up, and Apocalypse and Magneto join in to kick their butts back to nothing. As a giant team, they all blast the fake Galactus and melt him into green goo.

Of course, this is all according to Xavier's plans, and he reveals that Sinister was helping him the whole time to create the Galactus, and mysterious beings begin to emerge from the goo!

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