Quote1 With these three acting as my psionic batteries... I will form a single unified mind... My mind! The infinite will be open to us all. Quote2
-- Charles Xavier

Appearing in "The Gift of Fear!"

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  • Magneto's ship

Synopsis for "The Gift of Fear!"

Sinister and Xavier's goo comes to life in the form of all the heroes' greatest fears, The Red Skull for Cap, Bobby's Dad for Ice-Man, Dracula for Bloodstorm, etc. Just as Cyclops emerges to torture Havok, Apocalypse and Jean intervene, shielding him from it. They pour their power into Havok, who destroys the goo monsters, and as Xavier can see his plan folding, he reveals the next step.

Sinister's X-Man is brought in to serve as a conduit and battery alongside Scotty and Raven to power Xavier's plan. He will unite all the minds in the world, absorbing them all into his own. The world will be one single unified mind, his mind.

Sinister is very angry as Xavier never told him this and starts fighting Xavier too. He's killed, and X-Man is devastated. Everyone starts pouring it on to Xavier now since he has demonstrated that he didn't even care about his allies.

Scotty and Raven figure out that the power needs to go through Havok to do damage to Xavier, so they direct all the energies that way. Xavier seems to be destroyed, only to get one last blast off at Havok, which Hank takes instead. Xavier is frozen solid by Ice-Man but disappears from within the ice.

Hank might not make it. . .

Two weeks later, Hank is still in stasis and the kids are sent to live with Elektra and Magneto on the Moon.

The Six sit around talking about their next move when in bursts The Brute, fully functional with his intellect intact once again!

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