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Appearing in "Long Days' Journey Through the Night."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Henry Gyrich (First appearance)
  • Guardsmen (First appearance)
  • A Bum (food for Dracula)
  • Random Punks



  • A mysterious box (which contained Dracula)


Synopsis for "Long Days' Journey Through the Night."

Bloodstorm is beating up some thugs, trying to find the location of her Master when Gambit shows up and gets her to keep from killing them.

She recounts why she was beating on them. It happens that a mysterious box was stolen from the Vault and Henry Gyrich called The Six to help him recover it, since the Avengers were unavailable.

Once they arrived, Bloodstorm instantly knew what was in the box, and said she'd go off on her own to recover it since she can't be killed.

Gambit insists on going with her now since he can't be killed either, but Storm hits him with a lightning bolt and ditches him.

The box was apparently stolen by The Marauders, who are trying to take it back to their boss via the sewers, when it's stolen from them by mysterious black shadows.

Gambit and Bloodstorm are hot on their trail, entering the sewers together since Gambit recovered quickly and found where Ororo had gone.

The Marauders are fighting off the shadows when Ororo shows up and begins to fight both the shadows and the Marauders. She starts acting crazy, saying she's gonna drink the blood of everyone down there until Gambit shows up and gets rid of the box, which is apparently the source of her insanity.

The Marauders escape and Gambit and Ororo find themselves face to face with the mysterious shadow people, who want to kill Gambit!

Later, Dracula breaks out of the box and feasts on a nearby homeless man.

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