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Synopsis for "The Challenge"

Bloodstorm is dreaming about when she was an African princess when she wakes up to find herself buried alive! She reverts to mist form and escapes, only to find Dagger and Cloak, leader of the Outcasts, is set up to kill Gambit. The Outsiders are basically the morlocks of the New Orleans Sewers, and Gambit led some people to their hideout who killed a bunch of them, so they want him to die out of revenge. Bloodstorm challenges her leadership of the clan in a fight to the death.

Back at Bannerman Castle, Havok is relaxing and trying to get used to Jean Grey being around, (with whom he'd like to hook up). The rest of the team, sans Gambit and Bloodstorm, show up, and a computerized hologram of Hank starts up saying that he can help them locate their missing teammates.

Bloodstorm realizes that the fight will take place during the day, and she'll be battling both Dagger and the Sun.

The Marauders are lost in the sewers and are attacked mysteriously.

Bloodstorm and Dagger fight and Ororo believes she's won, so she begins to cut Remy down who is about to be turned to ash by the sunlight. Dagger lunges at her and Ororo accidentally fatally wounds her. As Dagger begs for death, the sun begins swamping the chamber, starting to kill Ororo and Remy, who have nowhere to run. The Six save them by shielding the chamber with ice, and Dagger reveals that she is actually two people, Cloak and Dagger, who have mutated together and are in agony. They kill themselves by imploding into Cloak's cloak.

Havok presents a serum the computerized McCoy cooked up so that Remy and Ororo will be free from their bloodlust and can walk in the sunlight.

Dracula awakens again with a lust to see Bloodstorm yet again.


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