Quote1 I'm comin for you, Logan. I'm comin. Quote2
-- Creed

Appearing in "The Hunted Pt 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Creed (Main story and flashback)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Hunted Pt 1"

A group of hunters and their dogs are charging through the Canadian wilderness in search of the animal who killed a lot of their livestock. They come to a fallen footbridge and witness Logan emerge from the darkness on the other side, howling at them. Behind them comes Creed, who kills them all and continues to hunt/track Logan.

At Bannerman Castle, Jean is having a nightmare about Logan being in trouble while the Six train in the danger room. She interrupts the training to ask them all to go with her to help Logan in the Pacific Northwest. They agree to go as a team.

Logan comes upon a house and breaks in. He is stealing food and clothes when a little girl catches him and asks if he's her daddy since he looks like the pictures she's seen. He smells Creed coming and leaves immediately, leaving claw marks on the refrigerator that the girl's mother recognize as her husband's.

Closer to town, Creed catches up to Logan and they fight, it seems Creed is supposed to bring him back to Weapon X. The fight ends when Logan soaks Creed with gasoline and sets him on fire. The Six show up just as it ends.

Later, Creed, who looks like charred meat, makes his way back to the house Logan came from and kidnaps the family living there.

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