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  • Army Helicopters and Planes

Synopsis for "Logan's Running"

Outside Bannerman Castle, Logan is practicing killing on some androids that the Six's computer is running while Havok and Jean Grey discuss his state of mental health. When he finishes, Jean goes down to talk to him, only to be interrupted by James Hudson, who is immediately attacked by Logan. Jean holds him back, giving them a chance to talk. He informs Logan that Creed has his family, so Logan agrees to go back to Canada with him to get them back. Havok and Jean go with him.

In Canada, Wild Child is hunting Creed and his hostages and actually finds them, only to be eviscerated by Creed as soon as he gets there.

Logan, Jean, and Havok get close to Creed, and Logan breaks off, leaving Jean and Havok by themselves. They're attacked by Creed and are about to be killed when he knocks them out and kidnaps Jean instead, in order to "make Logan suffer."

Logan finds his children and rescues them, and Havok tells him about Jean being kidnapped now. Logan leaves his kids with Havok and finds Creed waiting for him. Creed tells him to choose which of the two women, Mariko or Jean will die. He ends up letting both go when he starts feeling like he's frying on the inside, since Havok is setting off a low wave pulse directly into Creed's adamantium bones, basically cooking him from the inside out. Logan ends the fight by stabbing Creed in the stomach and cutting off his head.

They're all about to leave and go back to the states when Department H and Weapon X show up.

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