Quote1.png If you are not off of the facility and out of the country within the hour... Alpha Flight will be operating within international laws to execute you for the spies that you are. Quote2.png
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On a trip up to the Summers' family land in Alaska, Havok freaks out about being in a parallel universe and accidentally causes the Blackbird carrying all of the Six to crash in Canada wilderness occupied by The Pack. The Pack consists of Wolverine, Sabretooth and Wildchild, who were apparently experimented on until they lost all of their humanity. Wolverine does growl some words at a point, but other than that, the pack seems to be mostly feral. There is a sequence where the Pack kidnaps all of the Six except Havok, and only agrees to return them to him if he opens a sealed door to the Weapon X facility for them so they can destroy the entire place. Once they get inside, Alpha Flight shows up, angry because the Six is in Canadian territory. So they take over the Pack and return The Six back to the United States.

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