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Quote1.png Not a good idea, Logan. It's over. Quote2.png
-- James Hudson

Appearing in "Blame Canada!"

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Synopsis for "Blame Canada!"

The Six are en route to pick up Logan, his family, Jean and Havok when they're intercepted at the US/Canadian border by Iron Giant Man. He forces them to land, and the rest of the Avengers show up, intending on keeping The Six from starting World War IV by entering Canada illegally.

The group in Canada is hiding from James Hudson, the Professor, and the Department H/Weapon X super soldiers.

The Avengers refuse to speak with their ex-compatriot, Captain America, calling him a coward since they were almost killed by his actions. They reluctantly speak with Bloodstorm, who tries to negotiate their way into Canada, but nothing works, so the teams end up fighting.

A Canadian Super Soldier finds the other group, and it takes Jean, Havok, and Logan together to bring him down. Logan explains that this is how Canada was able to take over Russia, China and Southeast Asia. They make their way to the border where they find The Avengers and The Six wiped out, with no one left standing but Cap. They're trying to wake everyone up when Canada's strike team catches up to them all. . .

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