Mutantes Sans Frontières (or Mutants Without Borders) was an idea of Beast.[1]


One of their first actions was to bring members of the organization, along with Xavier Institute students and X-Men, to serve soup at the Lambda Hospice, a structure hosting human old and young people.[1]

Manifest Destiny

After the X-Men relocated in San Francisco, Storm revealed that T'Challa was financing M.S.F., who were in turn financing the X-Men's activities, including their new X-Jet.[5]


Later, during Kaga's attack on the X-Men, Beast asked for M.S.F. experts to come check the Bio-sentinel, having much less work since the M-Day. [6]


When powered babies started to appear in the village of Karere, Mbangawi, T'Challa sent M.S.F. doctors led by Dr. Helene St. Just there, before calling the X-Men.[2]

The doctors were taken hostage by Joshua N'Dingi, ruler of Mbangawi, and his men, who wanted to terminate the mutated children (not mutants but Warpies) but were quickly freed by Emma Frost's control on the soldiers.[7]

They later served as medics after the battle who opposed the X-Men and N'Dingi's soldiers to the Furies.[8]





Medical equipment.[4]


Protected by the X-Men.


Several planes, helicopters and jets.[6] Trucks.[1]


Mutantes Sans Frontières is seemingly inspired by Médecins Sans Frontières, which shares the acronym and part of the name; and also by the Red Cross, with a very similar symbol, a red X instead of a Red Cross.


In French, the word "mutantes" would refer to an all-female group of mutants. The correct spelling for a group of mutants of both sexes would be the same as in English, "mutants".

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