Quote1 Hear me, Avengers. Hear the worlds of oppressed people. For too long have we Mutates in silence on the shores of Genosha while the world looked on with indifference. What cared they for a mutant's blood? They should have cared much. For to avert one's eyes to suffering, to injustice, to inhumanity-- Makes one equally culpable to the crime. Now, you pay the price for your country's criminal apathy. And the world will learn from this-- That more than Genosha blood will be shed in this war... ...That no one is safe... ...Not even the Mighty Avengers. Quote2
-- Mutate 682's last speech src
Mutate 682 (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 368 0001

Impersonating Luna Maximoff

After Fabian Cortez kidnapped Luna Maximoff, Mutate 682 was left behind, taking her appearance, and staying at the Avengers Mansion.

After she was discovered, she accused the Avengers for their indifference regarding the Genoshan Mutates situation and the segregation, and then exploded herself.[1]


  • Shape-shifting
  • Self-detonation

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