Muthos was the well-respected chief consular to Geirrodur, King of the Rock Trolls.[1] When Geirrodur's ambitious chief warrior Ulik challenged Thor Odinson in an attempt to capture his enemy, Muthos adviced his King to not trust Ulik, something that the King found too obvious. Geirrodur's wife, Queen Ulla, when asked about the duel, gave her support to Ulik instead of Thor, and Muthos openly suggested that she was not saying all she was thinking. Geirrodur then dismissed Muthos, warning him of his treason-tantamount words.[2] However, soon afterward, Muthos' word revealed to be precise, as Ulla suddenly sided with Thor in a key point of his duel and then usurped Geirrodur's throne. One of the few Trolls loyal to Geirrodur, Tyborr, warned his king against Ulla, remembering that Muthos, who had "never played the fool", had spoken against the queen.[1]

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