Appearing in "The Changeling"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jared's father
  • Mister Norgate (Teacher at Bethlehem High School)
  • Nelson (Dunk's friend and Kate's boyfriend)
  • Josh (Dunk's friend)
  • Mike (Dunk's friend)
  • Larry (Dunk's friend)
  • Reese (Dunk's friend)




Synopsis for "The Changeling"

Jared is a very smart kid at school, he has skipped three grades and only scores A’s. Naturally the other kids don’t like him and pick on him, only Kate Cooke is nice to him. At home, Jared has to live with his father, who cares about nothing else than food, beer and his gun. Jared believes that things will change when Dunk, one of the most admired kids at the school, asks him to do his homework. Jared does the report for him, not too well so that it wouldn’t arouse suspicions, and he now thinks that Dunk will be friendly towards him. But not everything is as it seems when Jared turns to Dunk for a favor and things turn ugly.

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