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  • Unnamed doctor (Voice)

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  • Actions figurines


Synopsis for "Toy Soldiers"

In Chiba, Japan, a young boy named Seiji uses his newly forming telekinetic powers to play with his robot toys. Meanwhile his abusive stepfather finds out about his powers as his mother tries to hide them, and it all leads to tragedy.


  • This comic is drawn in a Manga style.
  • A Marvel-ous Rider
    Seiji's favorite toy is based on Kamen Rider.
  • When Seiji is watching TV, a Goku-like figure preparing to do the Kamehameha is on screen.
  • Among the other toys in Seiji's possession are: A Rockman toy, a robot closely resembling Astro Boy, a Mazinger Z-like robot, a pseudo-Gundam and a Zaku, Black Ox and Tetsujin-28 (aka Gigantor), a model plane from Macross, Godzilla, a toy of Mothra's larval state, a Gamera toy, several Transformers including Optimus Prime, a Totoro plush, an Eva Unit 01 and an Ant-Man action figure.

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