One of the personalities of David Haller. David tried to use Mycolojester's powers against Luca Aldine whilst the latter was controlling Sojobo-Tengu's body. However, the attempt was short lived, as Luca's precognitive abilities allowed him to predict David's moves and counter them accordingly. In this case leaving the cafeteria ovens on in order to cause the sprinklers to rain down on David, neutralizing his abilities.[1]

When Gabrielle Haller was brought into David's mind, Mycolojester was one of the personalities that David introduced her to.[2]

Later, when David's mind was being ravaged by the Phoenix's Shadow, Mycolojester was one of the personalities who willingly fused with David to create his Gestalt personality.[3]

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Toxic Spores: Mycolojester is constantly surrounded by a cloud of toxic spores. While they will seemingly affect anyone who gets close enough, water causes the spores to dissolve along with their user.

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