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Mykines is a small island off the westernmost edge of the Faroe Islands archipelago.[3]


After World War II, Namor the Sub-Mariner won ownership of the island gambling with some Danes.[3]

With plans for the future, Emma Frost recruited Magneto to procure her an island. Magneto located Mykines and approached Namor to lease the island. After helping Namor battle a Kraken and a group of Sirenas, Namor agreed to let Magneto use the island. To prepare the island for Emma, Magento built a large tower featuring a Sentinel head and planted a Krakoan Gateway.[3]

As a protectorate of Krakoa located away from the main island(s), Mykines served as the ideal location for the first Hellfire Gala of the Krakoan Era.[2]

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