Moondancer was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard during the crisis that came to be known as Operation Galactic Storm. She was among a small strikeforce that battled Quasar in space, keeping the young Avenger busy long enough so that he could not interfere with the launch of the Nega-Bomb - the weapon that ended the war by killing 90% of the Kree population.[1]

Moondancer and her fellow Guardsmen Voyager and Solar Wind quit the Imperial Guard after they wished to help Quasar battle the enigmatic Stranger. The three Guardsmen had been captives of the Stranger for several years and wanted to take the opportunity to exact their revenge. After the Guard's leader, Gladiator, ordered the trio not to become involved they resigned from active duty.[2]


  • Tracking: Moondancer is able to pinpoint the location of any object in the vast expanse of space. She often works closely with Voyager, who has the ability to open teleportation gates.
  • Self-Propelled Flight

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