Myntril is an alien creature who uses a Klyntar to act as an Agent of the Cosmos, a champion of the universe dedicated to protecting those in need, and he works together with Tarna.

With the appearance of another Klyntar-wearing hero, the Earthling named Venom, Myntril and Tarna followed him for some time to see if he was worth of being an Agent of the Cosmos. After one of Venom's missions, Venom's ship was abducted by Tarna's and Myntril's. Myntril stopped a fight between Venom and Tarna that sparked with the former's arrival, and briefed Venom on their job as Agents of the Cosmos.[1]

When the Venom symbiote succumbed to rage, Myntril oversaw its trial and bickered with Tarna, expressing the belief that it was fallen and beyond redemption. When Tarna betrayed the Agents of the Cosmos to help Flash, Myntril confronted her and Flash's team, engaging Hilla Rollo in combat. Commending her prowess, he nevertheless quickly subdued her using his symbiote. When Venom and Flash emerged from the trial, Myntril commended Tarna for standing alongside her friends, but reprimanded her that the Agents of the Cosmos need to be above such personal ties. He allowed her to accompany her newfound friends to help Flash, but warned that when she returned she would be placed on trial herself to determine if she was still worthy of being an Agent of the Cosmos.[2]

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