Myra Tangier was a spy who was known as the Snake who was active in the 1950s. She developed her own spy organization that consisted of spies, adventurers and Nazi war criminals, operating it out of Istanbul, Turkey. By 1953 her spy organization became of prime concern to the United States government. They pulled out their best Secret Service agent Kent Blake, who was at the time fighting in the Korean War to track down the Snake and shut down her spy organization.

When Blake arrived, Myra pose as a cafe dancer while Blake met with his contacts. However, when one with information on her organization was killed, she lured Kent into a trap that saw him captured by her minions. Myra attempted to assassinate Kent herself, but the Secret Service agent broke free and tied her up, then called the authorities. When the police arrived to take the spies away, Myra had managed to break free from her bonds and escape[1].

Since escaping she continued her spy activities and had later clashes with Kent Blake.[2]


Myra typically carried a pistol.

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