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Myrmidon warriors[1]
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Olympus; formerly Greece; Troy
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Mikaboshi; Trojans and their allies
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Trojan War

The Myrmidons were a tribe of fierce warriors. At the beginning of the Trojan War, led by Achilles, they went to Mount Ida and drove off the cattle of Dardanian Aeneas, causing Dardanus to join the war against the Achaeans.[1]

Achilles' men ravaged many other cities, including Lyrnessus, Pedasus and Chryse.[1]

Modern Era

The Myrmidons remained under Achilles' orders in Olympus.[2]

When Mikaboshi's demon army assaulted Olympus, they were the vanguard.[3]

Others were tasked by Zeus with abducting and protecting Alex Aaron, son of Ares, in order to draw the God of War to Olympus to battle Mikaboshi.[3]

Accompanying Achilles, two Myrmidons went to Earth and returned with Ares, only to find their city destroyed and their brothers dead. Fighting the Eastern demons alongside with Ares and Achilles, they were all eventually teleported to the halls of Zeus.[3]

Regrouping, there were only three surviving Myrmidons.[2]

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