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Mysteria was a small-time thief based out of Las Vegas. Mysteria was first seen aboard the S.S. Superia, the mobile headquarters of Superia's all-female army of super-villains the Femizons and participated in the en masse assault on Captain America and Paladin, who were investigating the organization while in search of Captain America's then girlfriend Diamondback.[1]

When Captain America and his ally Black Mamba first confronted Superia, she sent Mysteria, Arclight, Bombshell, and Wrangler after them. Mysteria tried to ambush Cap, but he threw Wrangler into her, and Mysteria inadvertently took out Wrangler instead. Mysteria obscured his vision with a cloud of mist and tried to ambush him again, but he took her out with a sweep of his shield, and one of her Mist-Sticks incapacitated Bombshell in the process.[2]

Vagabond pretended to be Lisa Winters, the alleged sister of Mysteria, as her cover story in her Scourge of the Underworld persona.[3]



Mysteria could release a thick, opaque mist that obscured anything within it. The mist was also lacking any oxygen and therefore could suffocate those trapped within it.



Mysteria carried 'Mist-Sticks', which released a powerful electric charge which could cause temporary paralysis on contact with her target.

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