Quote1.png Mysterio worked hard to build his reputation. No reason to waste it just because he disappeared. Quote2.png
-- Hobgoblin src


Becoming Mysterion

Shortly after Mysterio became trapped in another universe,[1] an unseen individual sold his gear to the highest bidder.

Encounter with Spider-Man and Punisher

Real Face

Later, Mysterion, as the new villain called himself, tried to rob a bank, but was interrupted by Spider-Man (at the time Otto Octavius's mind in Peter Parker's body). Spider-Man tried to punish him for betraying him earlier when still Doctor Octopus. After realizing he's not the real Mysterio due to the broken part of the helmet showing that Mysterion is an unnamed African-American man, Spider-Man started to question him for the right he had to impersonate him. Before Octavius could get an answer, The Punisher appeared, missing to shoot Mysterion in the head. Punisher thought Mysterion was Mysterio, so he believed he was doing something Spider-Man should have years ago.

Superior Six

While being tailed by Punisher, Mysterion attempted to call for help. Spidey traced the call to the mysterious benefactor, believing it to be A.I.M.. Because of what happened to Norman Osborn, Spider-Man was shocked to learn that the benefactor was Hobgoblin. After a quick battle, Spidey captured Mysterion and defeated The Punisher. Mysterion later woke up under the imprisonment of Spider-Man, alongside Sandman, Electro, and Chameleon.[2] With them, Otto Octavius eventually assembled a team of brain-washed super-villains along with Mysterion which he used to fight crime with.[3]

After Sun-Girl's wide-spread attack, Spider-Man lost control over his brain-controlled team, and Mysterion was free.[4]

After creating an army of robotic dinosaurs, Mysterion led them into attacking Liberty Island where they were defeated by a group of several heroes.[5]


Mysterion bought weaponry that include a one-way acrylic glass helmet (with 30 minute air supply) and holographic projector, and gloves and boots armed with nozzles which emit hallucinogenic gas. Quentin Beck developed a gas that can cancel Spider-Man's spider-sense, when he is cloaked in mist gases, he uses sonar to detect objects and beings nearby.

  • This is the first African American person to pick up the Mysterio mantle.

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