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Quote1.png We call this mysterium. A unique meta-material, condensed from certain exotic particles. The recipe is need to know--but Earth's mutants are the only ones who can currently create it. Bear that in mind. Quote2.png
Abigail Brand[src]

Mysterium is a unique metal meta-material formed by condensing Kirbons and harvested from the White Hot Room.[2]


Shortly after reforming S.W.O.R.D. under the supervision of Krakoa, Commander Abigail Brand began to plan for what comes next. To that end, she ensembled the Six, a team of mutants whose powers could be used synergistically to travel safely to White Hot Room. Inside the White Hot Room, the Six were able to procure a precious metal later named mysterium.[3] In preparation for the Hellfire Gala, Brand and the Six stockpiled massive amounts of mysterium.[4]

During the Hellfire Gala and following the terraforming of Planet Arakko, Commander Brand and her agents of S.W.O.R.D. unveiled mysterium to the Galactic Council. After reviewing its various properties, Brand gifted 100 tons of mysterium to each galactic society member willing to accept her offer and the condition to acknowledge the Planet Arakko as the capital of the Sol System and Storm as the Regent of Mars and the Voice of Sol. The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda declined the offer, but all other Galactic Council members accepted. Brand offered to donate more mysterium to the Galactic Council to back the credit or use mysterium as the basis for a new unit of currency ("The Sol"). Before accepting Brand's offer, Galactic Ambassador Paibok confirmed with Emperor Hulkling, who accepted the "free sample" for now with continued plans to navigate other issues (such as the "Wanda Maximoff situation") in time.[1]

According to Galactic Ambassador Paibok, "The Sol" has already become an informal term for the proposed "new credit" as news has spread to other interstellar civilizations.[1]

During Dormammu's invasion, Storm provided Wakanda with mysterium as a substitute for Vibranium as the power core of their Koukou Array to defend Aerie for the Mindless Ones and the Mindless One-possessed Bauble.[5]


Mysterium has several unique and notably properties including:

  • Durability: Once mysterium sets (cools below 200 degrees Kelvin), its strength and durability is equal to secondary adamantium.[1]
  • Conductivity: Mysterium conducts electricity at 100% efficiency. However, unlike other metals, mysterium barely conducts or retains heat. Additionally, mysterium is radiation-proof.[1]
  • Magnetic Properties[1]
  • Magical Properties: Mysterium resonates with magic.[2][6][5]
    • Anti-Magic: It is revealed that mysterium holds magic canceling facilities that can negate even a Faltine possessed Ego the Living.[6]

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