Appearing in "The Dark Tunnel"

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Synopsis for "The Dark Tunnel"

An exterminator enters into a dark tunnel on one of his jobs and is taken captive by giant telepathic cockroaches who are waiting for mankind to destroy itself before they emerge and rule Earth.

Appearing in "The Doll of Doom"

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Synopsis for "The Doll of Doom"

A school teacher believes one student is a witch while the director finds it ludicrous until he sees the teacher fiery death and the little girl holding a burned doll!

Appearing in "The Little Black Box!"

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Synopsis for "The Little Black Box!"

A man finds a black box which grants him wishes when he tells a lie. When he gets the black box open, the spirit inside incinerates him to take his place.

Appearing in "The End of the World"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The End of the World"

A carnival swami predicts the world will end at midnight. His skeptic client scoffs at the prediction, but the man's words haunt his thoughts for the rest of the evening. When the clock begins to strike twelve, he is distracted by it, and doesn't see the vehicle that strikes and kills him.

Appearing in "The Horror on Channel 15"

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Synopsis for "The Horror on Channel 15"

A man in a small Iowa town creates a monster for a TV show that comes to life and kills everyone in the town.

Appearing in "The Stroke of 12"

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Synopsis for "The Stroke of 12"

An embalming assistant murders an undertaker for his money, but when he goes to the cemetery at midnight where he hid the money, the undertaker drags him into the grave with him.

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