Appearing in "The Invisible Woman!"

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Synopsis for "The Invisible Woman!"

A woman with the power of invisibility is committing a series of crimes and a man who wishes to frame his wife so that he can marry his secretary encourages the townspeople to suspect his wife of being the culprit. It works, and the mob puts paid to his wife. He marries his secretary not suspecting that she is the invisible woman and she pushes him into the Grand Canyon for his life insurance policy money.

Appearing in "Booby Trap"

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Synopsis for "Booby Trap"

Oppressed humans trick their Martian conquerors onto an asteroid rigged as a giant bomb.

Appearing in "The Sure Thing!"

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Synopsis for "The Sure Thing!"

Al murders a man and steals his cruise ship ticket. On his way to Europe with only thirty dollars Al is interested when he hears about a contest to guess how long the passage will take. Al figures he can rig the contest by jumping overboard and delaying the ship so that it takes five days. He sees a man dressed in black on the deck and calls out to him that he's going to jump but the man is unresponsive. It turns out that the man in black is the ghost of Al's victim and it fades away as Al drowns.

Appearing in "The Death of A Miser!"

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Synopsis for "The Death of A Miser!"

A murderer is apprehended by attentive police when he picks up a newspaper from his pack rat victim but the headline announces the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Appearing in "The Lucky Stiff!"

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Synopsis for "The Lucky Stiff!"

Unemployed Burt falls in love with Lisa but Lisa's undertaker father insists that he accept the job offered in order to continue seeing Lisa. Burt meets his end when he discovers their house is infested with zombies.

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