Appearing in "Today I Am a Man!"

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Synopsis for "Today I Am a Man!"

In the 1970s a man becomes paranoid that androids are out to kill and replace him so he kills everyone around him until he is apprehended and it is revealed that he, too, is an android.

Appearing in "Don't Ever Gyp a Gypsy!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Satin (Only appearance; dies)[1] (Madam Zarga's cat)


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Synopsis for "Don't Ever Gyp a Gypsy!"

A man and his girlfriend attempt to buy the secret of immortality from a Gypsy for 100,000 dollars. He gets the money through robbery and buys the secret from the Gypsy. At first, he is glad because he can walk through bank guard's bullets and only be tickled, but when his flesh rots off, he realizes his girlfriend held out on the Gypsy and he returns to their apartment to kill her.

Appearing in "Death in Vergona"

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Synopsis for "Death in Vergona"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Listen, You Fool!"

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Synopsis for "Listen, You Fool!"

Albert Rudley suspects that his wife Lorna has been trying to murder him. Though he suffers from poor hearing, his hearing aid enables him to overhear his wife conspiring with their chauffeur Vincent. Albert learns that the recent string of "near accidents" that he has suffered were actually plots to end his life.

Later, Rita asks her husband to go on a boating trip to Canada. Albert knows that she intends on capsizing the boat in the hopes that he will drown, so he takes measures to prevent this. He poisons her drink with a drug that will cause paralysis once she enters the water. He deliberately leaves behind his hearing aid, so that he will have an alibi as to why he could not hear her cries for help. Albert and Lorna row out into the middle of a river and Lorna decides to swimming. As predicted, the poison paralyzes her and she screams in terror. Albert smiles as his boat continues downstream. Unfortunately, without his hearing aid, he cannot hear the sound of rushing water. His boat goes off the edge of a water fall and Albert dies.

Appearing in "The Twin!"

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Synopsis for "The Twin!"

Twin brothers are always competing with each other but the one who was born first always get's the idea slightly before the other. The later brother decides he's had enough and is going to murder the first born twin, but yet again, he get's the idea just a little slower than the other man.

Appearing in "Marion's Murder!"

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Synopsis for "Marion's Murder!"

A husband is bored with his wife so he kills her and intends to bury her in the cellar, but he forgets that today is their wedding anniversary and when he carries her body down the stairs and turns on the lights, the neighbors are gathered there for a surprise party the wife had arranged.


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