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Synopsis for "The Room With No Door"Edit

A homeless man is pursued by a spirit which desires to possess his body so that it can create evil among the living. The man refuses the offer and leaps out the highrise window, but by choosing death, he has unknowingly given the spirit what it wanted.

Appearing in "The Man in the Graveyard"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man in the Graveyard"Edit

A shy man takes a job as caretaker of a graveyard but he still finds himself lonely for the company of others. One night during a full moon he sees the dead rise from their graves and party. He commits suicide so that he can join them not realizing that even dead, other people have no use for him.

Appearing in "The Bitter Pill"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Bitter Pill"Edit

Mob boss Nick abuses his stooge Weepy who takes off with the cash and leaves Nick in the desert. Nick has a bad heart and needs fluid with which to dissolve his medicine. He makes his way to a deserted filling station but only has cash so he can't operate the soda machine.

Appearing in "Gone!"Edit

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Gone!"Edit

A man with no friends who only goes into town once a month to buy food is surprised to find that everyone is gone the next time he goes into town. He loots to his heart's content but begins to feel ill after awhile. His skin begins to peel off and he tries to walk out of town to the next one but only makes it far enough to see a sign that states the town has been evacuated for new atomic weapon testing.

Appearing in "Oh, Brother"Edit

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Oh, Brother"Edit

Myron moves the train stop sign forward so that his brother Albert falls to his death but Myron's bad heart gives out and he must spend eternity acting as Albert's seeing-eye dog.

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