Mystic was among a series of clones Thanos created to test the capabilities of potential enemies or allies.[1] After experiencing nihilistic and destructive qualities, Thanos considered the clones a failure and kept them in cold storage in one of his hideouts.[2]

After being freed from their containment's by a meteor, the clones decided to bring about the universe's end and believed that Adam Warlock was the key to this as he had made contact with Atlez, a cosmic being whose life kept the universe in existence, to find his successor. (This was actually a scheme concocted by Atlez to speed up Warlock's search for his successor.)[3][4]

When energy trails started to appear all over Earth, Mystic and his fellow clones sent members of Armour's Nihilistic Sect to investigate.[5] Mystic and the clones also sent Armour to stop Gamora from teaming up with Thanos.[2]

After sensing the deaths of Armour and the nihilists sent to Earth and the freeing of Moondragon from X's mind control, the remaining clones split up with Mystic and fellow clone Warrior going to investigate Moondragon and one of the energy trails. Mystic and Warrior realized the significance of the energy trail and chose to follow it to its end.[6]

They ended up battling Adam Warlock and Doctor Strange. Mystic turned out to be no match for Strange and was banished into another dimension by the Sorcerer Supreme.[4]


Seemingly those of Thanos as well as those of Doctor Strange


Seemingly those of Thanos


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