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Appearing in "The Legend of the Murderous Falcon"

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Synopsis for "The Legend of the Murderous Falcon"

The Angel is present at a circus that is putting on a special show for injured soldiers who have returned from the war. Among the circus staff is an acrobat named the Flying Falcon who is secretly a Nazi spy who has been charged with attacking the soldiers in order to lower morale. During the performance, the Falcon disguises himself as a clown and fires a real cannon into the crowd, maiming and killing many of the soldiers. Fleeing into the tents, the Falcon doffs his disguise.

While the Angel investigates the murder, one of the clowns recognizes the mysterious addition to their troupe and goes snooping in the Falcon's tent. The Falcon catches the clown going through his belongings and stabs him to death, then dumps his body outside. When the body is found, the Angel suggests that the killer is someone who works for the circus and gets permission to join the show. The Falcon invites him to join the trapeze act along with fellow acrobats Jerry and Gale.

The following night as they perform, the Falcon purposely bails out onto the safety net and secretly uses a knife to compromise its support rope. When it's the Angel's turn, the Falcon throws a trapeze bar into his face causing him to fall to the net. The Angel's fall is only partially broken but he is still injured and taken to a hospital.

Jerry and Gale begin to suspect that the Falcon caused the accident they rush to the hospital to try and tell the Angel. Followed by the Falcon, they are forced off the road just after the Angel is discharged from the hospital. Forced to help Jerry and Gale out of the car, the Falcon flees before he is spotted. Suspecting that the killer may strike when they take a train to the next town, and suspecting the Falcon after seeing him walking with a limp, the Falcon tells the circus owner he knows who the killer is within earshot of the Falcon. Telling them that Gale was getting the evidence needed. When the Falcon goes to his room, the Angel is waiting for him.

Their fight takes them outside of the train and across the passenger cars. The Falcon takes control of the engine and forces it to derail the train. Fleeing the scene, the Falcon attempts to stop him. However an gorilla escapes from a cage and strangles the Falcon to death. The gorilla then attacks the Angel, who tricks into jumping off a cliff. With the threat of the Falcon over, the Angel departs into the night.

Appearing in "The Mechanical Mole"

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  • Mechanical Mole

Synopsis for "The Mechanical Mole"

The Human Torch and Toro are patrolling over the city until Toro has to go for a 4:00 date with Gail Radin, the daughter of a renown professor. When Toro arrives at the Radin home, he is greeted by Gail and the professor. The professor shows Toro some seismograph charts that show an increase in tremors in the area.

Meanwhile, the Human Torch is flying over Times Square when it is suddenly struck by a massive earthquake that causes part of the street to collapse. Going in to investigate, the Torch finds a massive Nazi drill boring underground the city. Attacking it, the Torch is knocked out when the commanding officer sprays the Torch with a high pressure hose knocking him out.

Hearing about the earthquake on the radio, Toro rushes to Times Square and goes after his mentor. Toro arrives just as the Nazis have just shackled the Torch to the wall of the cavern and are about to drill through the hero. Toro uses his own flame amplify the Torch's so they can melt through the drill. The two heroes then round up the Nazis and turn them over to the authorities. When Toro later recounts the story for the Radins, Gail accuses him of showing off.

Appearing in "Jap Juggernaut"

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Synopsis for "Jap Juggernaut"

With Allied Forces bombing Berlin, the Destroyer believes his work in Germany is done and plans to go to help the war effort in Japan. Meeting with a member of the underground, he learns that a Nazi plane is leaving for Japan with a special package to appease officials in Tokyo.

The Destroyer sneaks aboard the plane and beats the Nazis into submission and takes control of the plane. Landing in Tokyo, the Destroyer attacks the soldiers who have come to greet the plane. He leaves a note announcing his arrival and disappearing into the jungle.

Japanese soldiers follow after him and manage to overpower the Destroyer. With the Destroyer a prisoner, the commanding officer decides to pit the hero against Japan's greatest warrior -- the Juggernaut. In a one-on-one fight, the Destroyer easily beats the Juggernaut, sending him crashing into a wall breaking his neck. While the Juggernaut's superior stands in utter awe, the Destroyer flees into the night promising to terrorize the Japanese another day.

Appearing in "Citizens of Ancient Rome"

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Synopsis for "Citizens of Ancient Rome"

In history class, Tommy Tyme is learning about the gladiatorial battles of ancient Rome. Deciding to experience the excitement first hand, Tommy Tyme activates his clock of the ages and travels back in time to ancient Rome.

There he tries to keep a low profile so as not to get noticed while observing the gladiatorial battle. He is horrified by the barbaric and violent nature of the games. When he is spotted by a drunk Roman who gives him flack for his attire and attitude to the battles. When his bravery is called into question Tommy agrees to a match. Although he defeats the warrior without weapons using dirty fighting tricks, Emperor Nero orders him executed.

Soon lions are unleashed upon Tommy and some other slaves. Tommy manages to hold the lions off with his slingshot before the clock of the ages returns him home. Tommy is then able to answer his teachers questions about ancient Rome.

Appearing in "Mystery at the Crane Mansion"

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Synopsis for "Mystery at the Crane Mansion"

Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson are passing by the home of Old Man Crane, who is a recluse who spends his days marveling over his diamond collection. As they pass by the house they hear a scream. Going to investigate the sound of the scream.

On the property they find Crane's guard dog killed and go further and enter the house. There they are greeted by the butler who dismisses their questions until they hear a cry for help in the basement. Knocking out the butler they are confronted by a pair of Nazi spies who the two youths easily dispatch.

Down in the basement they find more spies who are torturing Mr. Crane to learn the combination to his safe so that they can steal his jewels. Terry and Deadline easily knock out the spies and free Crane. When the authorities come to take the spies they learn that they wanted the diamonds to use in the making of weapons. Crane realizes that he should not be selfish with his fortune and decides to sell his diamonds to the war effort and use the money to buy war bonds.

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