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Appearing in "Blueprint For Destruction"

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Synopsis for "Blueprint For Destruction"

A Nazi U-Boat learns of a troop ship leaving New York Harbor and fires torpedoes, sinking the vessel. When the news of the sinking gets to the FBI they suspect a Nazi spy in their midst and wonder how the spy is able to smuggle information out of a secured office. J. Edgar Hoover then calls in the Angel to assist in ferreting out the spy.

Searching the office, the Angel finds no apparent means for information to get smuggled out. Taking a break in the park across the street, the Angel notes that pigeons are going to a first floor window and notices one of the workers in the government building is feeding the birds bread crumbs. Suspecting that the man might be using carrier pigeons to smuggle information out the Angel stakes out the window the following day, confirming his suspicions. Catching the spy in the act, the Angel beats him into submission and forces the man to tell him where the other spies are located.

The Angel sends off the carrier pigeon with a note asking the spies to meet in order to pass along information that is too important to trust to a carrier pigeon. The spies fall for the trap, and are attacked by the Angel at the designated meeting spot. The Angel is overpowered and knocked out from behind.

The Nazi spies attempt to dispose of the Angel by putting him in a coffin and then attempting to toss him into New York Harbor. Reviving, the Angel fights off the men before they get the chance to drop him into the water. He then trounces the spies and turned them over to the authorities. The Angel then returns to FBI headquarters where he tells officials about the Nazi sub off shore and leaves before he can be thanked for his assistance.

Appearing in "The Case of the Killer at Large"

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Synopsis for "The Case of the Killer at Large"

Sentenced to life in prison, Nails Bradley begins participating on the prison track team in the hopes of using his skills to break out of prison in order to get revenge against his double crossing cohorts who got him arrested. During a public even where prisoners compete in track and field events, Nails uses the pole vaulting competition to make his escape. Running up the bleachers, he uses the pole vault to jump over the prison wall and escapes before the guards can capture him. As he flees into the night Nails is winged by one of the guards.

Later, the Angel is called by his doctor who reminds him that he has a scheduled appointment the following day. Coincidentally, Nails ends up barging in on the doctor as he is on the phone with the Angel, demanding that the doctor patch him up. Overhearing the demands, the Angel rushes to the doctors office to capture Nails. When the Angel arrives with the police, he is knocked out and one of the officers is killed when Nails grabs a decorative spear and impales him while escaping.

Nails manages to get a gun and tracks down his old gang. Catching them off guard he shoots them all dead before fleeing the scene. The Angel is hot on Nails' heels but arrives too late to stop the massacre. Chasing Nails to the roof of the building, the Angel corners him. Grabbing a pole and attempting to pole vault across to another building, Nails ends up getting caught up in electrical wires and is electrocuted. As Nails is being carted off to the morgue the Angel departs into the night leaving his signature Angel's shadow as a trademark.

Appearing in "The Laughing Cadaver"

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Synopsis for "The Laughing Cadaver"

Joan Manning the wife of wealthy Joel Manning is kidnapped by a criminal calling himself the Cadaver who demands that Manning pay a ransom in order for him to see his wife again. Concerned for his wife's safety, Manning contacts the Human Torch and Toro who agree to try and help Manning rescue his wife.

With the rendezvous point being the Tunnel of Horror at a local carnival, the Human Torch and Toro go there to investigate first, sending Joel and his cousin Bradley ahead the Torch and Toro follow behind them. In the middle of the Tunnel of Horror ride the Cadaver appears in the darkness and is able to apparently snatch both Joel and Bradley before the Torch and Toro can stop him. Finding a secret underwater tunnel, the two heroes follow it and begin tracking the Cadaver's footsteps.

As Joel is shown his wife the Cadaver tricks the Torch and Toro into walking into an asbestos-lined room that is being pumped with lethal gas. Left alone, the Torch notices that the sealant for the glass view window into the room is not fireproof and melts it allowing fresh air to get in and the heroes to escape the death trap.

The flaming duo rush outside where the Cadaver has the Mannings in a roller coaster that has been rigged to derail over one of the peaks so that they die in the crash. Quickly melting the piece of metal placed to cause the derailing, the Torch then rounds up the Cadaver's men. Attempting to apprehend the Cadaver, the Torch causes the kidnapper to fall from the roller coaster to his death on the ground below. With the threat over, the Torch unmasks the Cadaver revealing him to be Bradley Manning.

Appearing in "The Transparent Death"

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Synopsis for "The Transparent Death"

Disguised as a Chinese prisoner, the Destroyer sneaks into a concentration camp in Tokyo to learn about a new Japanese anti-invasion weapon being developed. Questioning the Chinese slave labor the Destroyer learns that the secret base where this new weapon is being developed is located within Mount Fujisan.

Hours later, the Destroyer arrives at the sight of the secret weapons base and finds a massive rocket launcher has been built. Searching the compound he finds that the Japanese have built massive rockets filled with Lucite gas that they intend to use against American fleets that approach Japan. The Destroyer is soon discovered by Japanese troops and their leader General Maku. Surrounded, the Destroyer does not give up without a fight and is overpowered and tied up.

The Destroyer tricks General Maku into explaining how they intend to launch their attacks. The Destroyer then breaks free and destroys the rocket launcher, he then takes General Maku hostage. Rushing back to the Chinese captives, the Destroyer frees them then forces General Maku to order his bombs be launched against a Japanese vessel preventing their escape by sea. With the crew suffocated by Lucite gas, the Destroyer is then able to help the Chinese prisoners escape.

Appearing in "Attila Rides Again"

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Synopsis for "Attila Rides Again"

Bored in class, Tommy Tyme decides to shoot his slingshot at an unsuspecting classmate. This lands him in trouble with his teacher who quizzes Tommy on what happened during Attila the Hun's battle of Chalons in the year 451 AD. Not knowing the answer, Tommy uses his Clock of the Ages to travel back in time to the year 451 AD.

Appearing outside the camp of Attila the Hun, Tommy is confronted by Attila who demands a meal from Tommy believing the boy to be a servant. Swatting Attila, the boy from the Bronx manages to flee into the woods escaping Attila and his guards by stealing a horse.

Riding a few miles away he runs into a sentry for Atelius who decides to bring the boy to his commander. Atelius, the governor of Gaul meets with Tommy and learns about Attila's impending attack and takes the boy's offer of assistance in fighting off the invasion. Tommy shows them how to make a catapult and uses it to launch buckets of oil that cause massive fires that draw Attila and his invasion force back.

Tommy then assist Atelius in preparing an ambush for Attila and his men, and then tricks Attila into falling for it by shooting the warrior with his slingshot and then leading him to the secret ambush spot. Just then the Clock of the Ages sends Tommy back to his own time where he is able to tell his teacher that Attila lost the battle of Charlons at the hands of Atelius.

Appearing in "The Nazis Tap the Big Inch"

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Synopsis for "The Nazis Tap the Big Inch"

Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson are about to go for a bike ride when they are met with the clumsy Marmaduke Jones who asks to join them. Terry and Deadline allow him to tag along however Marmaduke's constantly klutzy actions cause him to wipe out on his bike.

Having crashed near an oil pipeline, the boys are ushered away by the authorities who tell the boys to keep away from the pipe and continue their search to find out who is tapping the line. Further down the line, the boys decide to stop and set up camp. When Marmaduke begins taking a pickaxe to the ground he somehow strikes oil and the boys realize that they have accidentally tapped the oil pipeline. Terry and Deadline send Marmaduke off to get the authorities so that they can plug up the damaged pipe.

Marmaduke ends up running into a pair of Nazi sailors, part of an entire U-Boat that has been tapping the oil pipeline and is captured. This capture is witnessed by Dr. Watson who knocks out Marmaduke before he can blab about Terry and Deadline being nearby.

Having plugged the pipe, Terry and Deadline go looking for Marmaduke and spot him being carried off by the Nazi sailors. After sending Deadline to get the authorities, Terry finds the tap in the pipeline, Terry begins clogging it with grit to ruin the sub's engine. Sure enough, Terry's plan works. When Nazi agents go out to investigate what's causing the trouble they hold Terry at gun point but the authorities soon arrive and arrest the spies. With the plot exposed, Marmaduke is saved, the Nazis taken into custody and the U-Boat destroyed.

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