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Appearing in "The Jaws of Creeping Death"


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Synopsis for "The Jaws of Creeping Death"

A man dreams that he is a judge of a trial during the Spanish Inquisition, which no one expects. But unfortunately for him, his boss frames him for a crime of embezzlement and disposes of his body in a medieval torture device. The real meaning of his dream was that his boss was the judge and he the prisoner.

Appearing in "Dimension of Death"

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Synopsis for "Dimension of Death"

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Appearing in "The Undead!"

Featured Characters:

  • Anthony

Supporting Characters:

  • Alice

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Synopsis for "The Undead!"

A reanimator brings his wife back to life after being dead for many years and he is repulsed that she is a moving rotted corpse instead of the beautiful girl he remembers.

Appearing in "The Man in the Moon"

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Synopsis for "The Man in the Moon"

The first man to land on the moon encounters creatures that lack the ability to build space ships but have perfected a will-sapping gas that they wish to administer into Earth's atmosphere in order to enslave the population into building enough space ships to transport their people to Earth. The man holds his breath so that he doesn't get a full dose of the gas and seizes his chance to wreck the controls so that the craft will orbit the planet ceaselessly.

Appearing in "Beware the Eyes of Horror"

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Synopsis for "Beware the Eyes of Horror"

When a museum guard steals the ruby eyes of a statue it follows him back to his tenement and kills his wife to get them back.

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