Appearing in "Trapped in the Ant Hill!"

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Synopsis for "Trapped in the Ant Hill!"

Dr. Perry Moore spills his shrinking formula upon himself and winds up in an anthill where he discovers ant scientists plotting to grow ants as large as humans in order to launch an invasion.

Appearing in "The Midnight Visitor!"

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Synopsis for "The Midnight Visitor!"

A writer is surprised when he is confronted by the villain from his best-selling novel.

Appearing in "The Strange Prison!"

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Synopsis for "The Strange Prison!"

A surface man finds himself in an underwater world where their doctors have converted his body to survive under water. The king's daughter is taken with him and so wishes to marry him, but he only wants her dowry treasure chest and steals it. He passes out on the surface since he can no longer breathe air, and is captured and placed in prison. The king tells him he will serve a two year sentence for his theft and then the doctors will reverse their work and deposit him on the surface. The dowry consisted of a chest of sea shells, which they use for currency, but would be worthless on the surface.

Appearing in "He'd Rather Die Than Tell"

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Synopsis for "He'd Rather Die Than Tell"

A man refuses to let go of a black box even unto death because inside is an indestructible crystal ball that demonstrates the evidence of his crime of murdering and robbing the fortune teller.

Appearing in "Time Machine"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #35.

Synopsis for "Time Machine"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #35.

Appearing in "The Room of Shadows!"

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Synopsis for "The Room of Shadows!"

A man spends years searching for the temple that contains the room of shadows which will grant him three wishes. His first wish is for wisdom, but finds himself in the body of an old man close to death so he blows out the magic candle to cancel that wish. His second wish is for great wealth and large stacks of gold coins appear but he realizes that he could never carry it out of the jungle. As he considers what his third and last wish should be he carelessly tosses away a match and fire breaks out. He wishes for escape and finds himself outside the temple with nothing more than he entered with.

Appearing in "You Can't Hide from the Eye!"

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Synopsis for "You Can't Hide from the Eye!"

A man invents a camera that sees through walls so he offers it to the mob to get bank safe combinations with. The mobs knock off a few banks but what the man doesn't know until the police show up is that the camera is broadcasting whatever it views to all local TV sets.


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