Appearing in "We Meet at Midnight!"

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Synopsis for "We Meet at Midnight!"

A man communicates with the spirit of the Sphinx in order to learn the Egyptian's greatest secret. It turns out the Sphinx considers the Egyptian's greatest secret the process of mummification...which it proceeds to demonstrate.

Appearing in "Sorry... Mr. Hopkins!"

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Synopsis for "Sorry... Mr. Hopkins!"

A man bumps into the tent pole and drops his glasses, so the Gypsy fortune teller hands him a pair that makes her appear beautiful and convinces him to murder his wife and steal from his boss for her. When he returns to her with the money he bumps into the pole in the darkened tent again and she hands him the repaired glasses he originally dropped. She is then revealed as an old hag.

Appearing in "House for Sale"

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  • Keystone Manor

Synopsis for "House for Sale"

A real estate agent offers to spend the night at a house with a reputation for murder in order to show that it is safe for potential buyers. The caretaker offers to switch beds with the agent just in case the ghost does show up. Since the caretaker has lived there thirty years, he is not afraid to spend the night in the room with the bad reputation, but some fear would have saved his life, as the 'ghost' does indeed show up and murder him. When the real estate agent finds the body in the morning, he phones the police and laments to his boss that now the house will never sell. However, the last panel reveals that he is secretly glad the house will not sell as the reader learns the real estate agent is the murdering 'ghost' and he considers the house 'his'.

Appearing in "The Tansfin Horror"

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Synopsis for "The Tansfin Horror"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Burning Flame"

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Synopsis for "The Burning Flame"

A bum steals silver candles from a body lying in state in a funeral home but the alarm puts the cops on his trail. He attempts to extinguish the flame, but the candles won't go out. He flees through the cemetery, but the candles light up the figure for the police who shoot him. He falls dead into the grave of the corpse he stole the candles from.

Appearing in "A Monster Among Us"

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Synopsis for "A Monster Among Us"

A man encounters a lighthouse keeper who is a monster in disguise.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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