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Appearing in "The Iron Trap"

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Synopsis for "The Iron Trap"

Andrew discovers an atomic experiment which will make him small for two hours before wearing off. He decides to use this ability for crime but when he miscalculates the amount of time it will take to roll a museum pearl through an air vent he becomes trapped returning to normal size.

Appearing in "The Forbidden Room"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Forbidden Room"

A woman anxiously regarding an upcoming marriage is analyzed by her psychotherapist.

Appearing in "The Sinking Man!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Sinking Man!"

Andrews escapes a sinking ship to an island which has a time machine on it. When he presses the button he becomes stuck in a loop where he goes backward in time, repeating his ordeal again and again.

Appearing in "He Hides in the Tower"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "He Hides in the Tower"

Tony pretends to love Madge, a servant at a manor, so he can get inside and rob the place. Tony finds money and Madge tells him he can hide from his pursuer in the tower. The man chasing Tony vanishes and Tony decides it was a ghost. Tony tells Madge he was only pretending and she locks him in the tower with his money and leaves the manor.

Appearing in "In the Dark Attic!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "In the Dark Attic!"

A conman is approached by someone who claims to be a painter and wishes to make a portrait of his face. The conman goes along thinking maybe he can swindle the man out of some paintings. He's surprised by the rundown quality of his studio and even stranger there is no canvas as he works. The conman attempts to rise from his chair and flee but finds he cannot move. The man who claimed to be a painter appears to remove an invisible canvas and wraps it around his own ugly face. The conman finds that he can move again and flees the building to search for another victim unaware that his face has been substituted with the painter's ugly one.

Appearing in "The Clock Strikes Thirteen"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Clock Strikes Thirteen"

Fuller attempts to use the town's center clock as a distraction to rob a bank by making it ring thirteen times, but when it rings by itself thirteen times, Fuller is apprehended by police.


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