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The Mystikos Sect, unlike other groups of Vampires, has embraced the modern world. They have infiltrated human society and work in business and have vast wealth and power compared to the others. They wear suits and have access to advanced technology, which they use to their advantage. The Mystikos Sect is among the sects attending the century gathering with the other Vampires.

The Mystikos Sect allied themselves with Xarus and through their research they managed to invent a special device which can block the ultra violet frequencies of light that are harmful to Vampires. Xarus decided to use the device to create a new, vampire-dominated world, as he has each device handed out to his vampire allies.



  • Sunlight Pendant:The Mystikos Sect possesses a pendant containing a device which bends certain frequencies of light around them, letting him stand in broad daylight without being burned.


Advanced military weapons.


Private Jet


They share many similarities to the Ventrue from Vampire: The Masquerade.

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