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Appearing in "Maker's Mark: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Maker's Mark: Part 1"

Mystique and Forge are in a diner discussing their philosophical differences. They hear a news broadcast about a young mutant boy named Spencer Bronson who had been abducted from his mother's home. Mystique doesn't trust the cops to give the necessary due attention to the case since the victim is a mutant, and decides to do something about it. Forge believes that Mystique might have a heart after all.

Mystique believes that Spencer's father, Anthony Bronson, might be responsible for abducting the boy. She takes the form of Anthony's mistress Mary and uses the disguise to squeeze information from one of Anthony's co-workers, Bill.

Forge and she go to prospect park where they find Anthony and Spencer. As it turns out however, Spencer is responsible for his own kidnapping. He has the mutant ability to control the minds of those of the male gender and orders his father to protect him. He then orders Forge to attack Mystique.

Solicit Synopsis

"Marker's Mark," pt. 1 (of 2).

Mystique's a shape-shifting super-spy that can change literally change her skin. Forge is the mutant inventor whošs gotten under her skin. Learn more about their past and present relationship as and find out how the Maker left his mark.


  • Spencer Bronson is wearing a Punisher t-shirt in this issue.

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