Quote1 I haven't beaten a man with his own leg since Carter was in office...but I still remember how. Quote2
-- Mystique

Appearing in "Maker's Mark: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Maker's Mark: Part 2"

Mystique begins fighting Forge, who is being mind-controlled by the mutant boy Spencer Bronson. Mystique kicks Forge's cybernetic leg, knocking it fere. She then proceeds to beat him with it. She begins shifting into familiar forms of people that Forge might trust. People like, Professor X and Storm. This tactic doesn't work however, and Forge continues to fight her. She finally gets the upper hand and beats Forge down.

Turning around, she sees that Spencer Bronson has instructed his father to defend him once again. Mystique kicks Anthony Spencer in the stomach, then grabs the kid. She is prepared to snap the child's neck, but Forge has regained control of himself by this point and fashioned a cryogenic field launcher out of the remains of his cybernetic leg. He freezes Spencer in place so Mystique doesn't have to kill him.

The two returns to Mystique's stronghold on Avenue X where they have another heart-to-heart discussion. Forge is still committed to finding the goodness in Mystique.


  • Spencer Bronson is wearing a Punisher t-shirt in this issue.

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