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  • Sen. Buntz
  • Sen. Bentley

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Synopsis for "The Fantastic Four"

At a congressional hearing, Professor Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm are questioned on the incident on the Pegasus space station that granted each of them strange powers.

Richards, Grimm, and Susan Storm were having breakfast when they realize Johnny had made an unauthorized and unscheduled exit out of the station to fool around in a space suit, his intercom turned off. Ben put on a suit of his own and headed out to force Johnny to return to Pegasus.

As Ben tried to get Johnny to return to the station, Susan sees that the sensors have picked up a solar flare. Reed is baffled as his calculations told him the flare would occur the next day. As the event approaches, all four inhabitants of Pegasus rush to the escape shuttle to flee. Unfortunately, the four are too late and the flare's cosmic rays bathe the shuttle in its radiation.

Luckily, the shuttle lands without trouble, but the four are sent to a hospital. There, Johnny feels unnaturally cold while a nurse believes her thermometer is broken. An unconscious Ben mutates into a rock monster stumbles around in confusion. Attempting to restrain him, Reed discovered that his body is stretching in impossible ways. In the panic, Sue had turned invisible. As all three try to calm down, they are surprised by Johnny, who is on fire.

The hearing draws to a close, and the four's threat to the general public's safety is questioned. Reed promises that the four will do nothing more than do right by their abilities.

Leaving the hearing, Reed proposes to the other three that they band together and use their powers to help mankind, already having purchased the Baxter Building in Manhattan as a base of operations. Susan, Johnny and Ben agree, and the four sneak out the back of the building to relax at a karaoke bar.

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