Quote1.png Like a bat out of hell into darkness. Knowing what I've known all along: That it's God who creates all of our tragedies. But it's the Devil who makes us care. Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

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Synopsis for "Ghost Rider"

Johnny Blaze transforms and rides as the Ghost Rider during the night, catching the attention of the highway patrol in Nevada. However, Johnny reverts back to human form once the sun rises. Johnny returns to a Las Vegas hotel and casino to prepare for his latest stunt.

Johnny then flashbacks to his past, where he discovered his father was dying from cancer and was approached by a blonde man wearing a red coat. The man claimed to be Satan and offered Johnny his father's life in return for the former's soul. Johnny agrees. Tragically, Johnny's father instead dies in a stunt gone wrong and Johnny is forced to become a demonic motorcycle rider with a flaming skull by night, with Satan continuing to try and get Johnny to become his servant.

Back in the present, Johnny is starting his stunt. His friends demand to know why he has the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" playing. As Johnny avoids the question, he sees Satan taunting him at the end of the ramp. It becomes clear that Johnny intends to reveal his identity as the Ghost Rider before hundreds of watchers as soon as night falls. Johnny jumps the ramp just as night falls, spectacularly transforming into the Rider in the air and rides off into the desert after landing. However, the crowd merely believes the transformation to be a visual stunt of its own and applaud.

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