Deluge was a mutant whom the X-Men confronted when they reached Africa on an air balloon they used to escape from the eruption of a volcano in the Savage Land.

The descendant of an ancient African tribe unaware of the existence of the modern world, Mzungu became an outcast since birth due to his albinism. While wandering on the outskirts of his village, Mzungu encountered a group of scientists that were investigating his tribe in secret.

Unwilling to risk having Mzungu tip off his tribe and lose years of investigation, these scientist took him hostage. Over time, Mzungu's resentment for his tribe grew stronger for having abandoned him, as well as his hatred towards white people, who only regarded his tribe as an object of study.

After falling victim to illness and being taken to civilization, Mzungu's fury and hatred allowed him to discover his mutant powers. As Deluge, Mzungu stole some storms that Ororo had created for her village, in order to have revenge on the people who wronged him, with the intention to grow them in size until he could purge the Earth.

Diluge was finally stopped by the joined efforts of the X-Men and Ororo, when Marvel Girl and Beast forced him to absorb an excess of energy from Cyclops' optic blasts, causing him to overload and explode.


  • Atmokinesis: Deluge could control the weather in a similar manner to the X-Man, Storm.
  • Electrokinesis
  • Flight: Deluge could fly by controlling wind currents.
  • Energy Absorption: Deluge could absorb energy to grow stronger, even exotic energies like the kind unleashed Cyclops.


  • Energy Absorption Overload: Deluge could overload on too much absorbed energy, which the X-Men took advantage of to defeat him.

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