N'Baza was a witch doctor and T'Chaka's most trusted council. As a young man, he was close friends with T'Challa's grandfather, T'Chanda, and helped him repel an invasion by the Klaue family.[1]

When T'Chaka died, N'Baza sent T'Challa to Europe and America to study with his son B'Tumba, ruling Wakanda as regent. N'Baza was the one who arranged for T'Challa to attend college in America.[2]

After T'Challa returned to his homeland, he sent him through the tests to become the next Black Panther of the Wakandan people.[3]

  • T'Challa refers to N'Baza as his uncle in Avengers #77. However, subsequent stories with N'Baza from Avengers #87 and Fantastic Four Unlimited #1 actively ignore any indication of blood relation between N'Baza and the royal family. He is also not listed as a relative in the OHOTMUs.
  • N'Baza's role in T'Challa's history seems to have been retroactively taken by his uncle S'Yan, a brother to T'Chaka first introduced in Black Panther Vol 4 #2. According to those stories, it was S'Yan who ruled Wakanda until T'Challa was old enough to assume the throne.

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