The Shambler from the Sea,[3][4] the Shambler,[3] Sea-Bred Shambler[3]
Servant of Shuma-Gorath, worshiped by the people of Starkesboro
Base of Operations
Living Status
No Hair
Unusual Skin Color
Unusual Features
Tentacled head with quills, one eye, mandibles, four fingers with sucker-discs[3]
Place of Death
Creators and Appearances



N'Gabthoth was either a Great or a Lesser Old One,[1] one of the Primal Gods,[3] and a servant of Shuma-Gorath.[5]

For uncounted eons, he slept in a cave down a cliff of Starkesboro, Maine, New England, known as N'Gabthoth's Roost, held sacred by the people of that town and considered belonging to N'Gabthoth.[3]

Modern days

He was known as N'Gabthoth and the Shambler from the Sea to the people of Starkesboro, who worshiped Shuma-Gorath, N'Gabthoth and Sligguth, and offered the Shambler victims as sacrifices.

At the time Doctor Strange came to the town, he eventually managed to cause the death of Sligguth, waking up N'Gabthoth. At the same moment, Ebora had the people of Starkesboro to capture Clea, Wong and Johnny Frames, to offer them to N'Gabthoth.

Strange's attempt at stopping him was quickly dismissed, until the astral form of the Ancient One entered Strange's body to give the strength to battle the monsters. Overwhelmed, N'Gabthoth fled to the dark church of Stakesboro to recover a chest with a map leading to Stonehenge, England. Strange track him down, defeated[3] and killed him.[6]

Powers and Abilities


N'Gabthoth has magical powers, which manifest as energy bolts being fired from his eyes.

  • Magic dissipation: He could dissipate spells, such as the Rings of Raggadorr.
  • Necromantic fury: He could fire the necromantic fury of the dark wisdoms, theurgic bolts.

N'Gabthoth is an amphibious creature.[3]

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