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The N'Garai were Elderspawn[6] demons created by the Elder God Chthon,[3] after the Demogorge's attack on the degenerated gods.[7]

They were one of the many races collectively known as the "Elder Races".[8]

They lived on Earth millions of years ago, having enslaved humanity,[9] but eventually left to live in another dimensional plane after being banished by some force.[10]

They also had millennia-old rivalry with the Undying Ones who also ruled over humanity.[11]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

The N'Garai returned to Earth between 100,000 BC, and used humans as slaves, until they were driven back from Earth and into their dimension.[4]

Hyborian Age

Around 10,000 BC, Kulan Gath was transported to the dimension of the N'Garai which he described as making Stygia look like a paradise.[12]


Some of the Mabdhara sought to claim the soul of Marada Starhair for her mystical powers, with the help of their servant Simyon Karashnur. They were successful in capturing her, and Y'Garon began torturing her and replacing pieces of her soul with his own in an attempt to make her his consort. However, Tribune Gaius Marcellus managed to save her and went to Rome, but the N'Garai eventually killed for it after Marada was brought to Ashandriar. Then Y'Garon used his link to Marada to make another demon disguise himself as Marada.[13] The disguised demon attacked Marada and her companion Donal MacLlanllwyr, and despite Arianrhod's effort the demon managed to kill Donal and abducted Arianrhod to force Marada to come to them. After Marada had Rhiannon teleport her to Y'Garon's dimension where she slew many of the demons who attacked her. She confronted both Y'Garon and Simyon and eventually managed to defeat them both.[14]

After Kan led the forces of Prince Jehan against the Wizard Kings, the prince's court magician, Vung, who had used the Black Mirror to lure Kan, captured Kan and Jehan's sister Shialmar to sacrifice them to the N'Garai. However, Shialmar offered her soul to them in exchange for power, to which they complied allowing her to slay Vung and send Kan back to China.[15]

The sorcerer Lady Turac during her training in the dark arts she sacrificed a boy to the N'Garai in exchange for power to beat her enemy, Count Dracula, but the demons found the boy's life insufficient and so also took Turac's innocence, joy, love and vision.[16]

The sorcerer Belasco used his magic to make contact with the N'Garai who then empowered him, granting him immortality, mystical powers, a demonic appearance and the power to cross the barrier between dimensions.[17]

Long ago when the N'Garai entered the Earthly realm, they came into conflict with Clan Akkaba and Apocalypse single-handedly killed an entire tribe of them, which was witnessed by a young Margaret Slade.[18]

Y'Garon accessed a Sa'arpool in an effort to bring the N'Garai to Earth. The Triad emerged from the Sa'arpool and attempted to claim Kate Fraser, but Dracula fought them off to save Kate, hurling them back to the Sa'arpool which was destroyed afterwards.[19]

Modern Age

The Camarilla of the N'Garai wanting to get revenge on Marduk Kurios and decided to slay Satana Hellstrom.[10] An N'Garai was summoned by a renegade priest to kill Exiter, the familiar of Satana. Although a demon himself, the familiar was utterly terrified by the Elderspawn.[20]

When the X-Man Cyclops accidentally destroyed a cairn in Westchester County, the N'Garai, including Kierrok, reentered our dimension, but were beaten back by Storm who resealed the portal.[21]

When Dhasha Khan took control of Firebird's powers, he began transforming Earth back to how it was during the N'Garai's rule, but before he could summon them, Iron Fist managed to thwart Khan's plan and revert everything to normal.[22]

When Kulan Gath was teleported to the modern age, he attempted open a portal to the N'Garai via a Sa'arpool and attempted to offer Red Sonja and Spider-Man to them, but the heroes managed to thwart his plans.[23]

During Christmas Eve, a N'Garai managed to arrive through a destroyed cairn near the X-Mansion and attacked Sprite, chasing her throughout the mansion before she finally incinerated him with the Blackbird's engines.[24]

Belasco then began collecting the fragments of Magik's soul to create the Bloodstones which would serve to summon the N'Garai.[25] Belasco tried to summon his masters using the Bloodstone locket and Shanna, but Ka-Zar managed to stop the ritual and save Shanna.[26]

The Puffball Collective released the N'Garai resulting in mass slaughter. Because of this the collective was banished to the Crossroads and the portal was shut to prevent another attack by the demons. The N'Garai killed the rest of the collective and took over their planet which was now branded as the "Demon World of the N'Garai". After the collective tricked the Hulk into smashing through the barriers of the dimensions, the demons began attacking him. The Hulk managed to escape, sealing the portal behind him, while the demons slaughtered the collective.[27]

Pete Wisdom, Scratch and other operatives of Black Air, had been observing a N'Garai cairn until during a conflict between the X-Men and W.H.O., some members of Black Air foolishly slew some members of W.H.O. which allowed the N'Garai to be summoned. The X-Men and Wisdom fought them and used Scratch--who was now controlled by Psylocke--to drive them back to the cairn which was then destroyed.[28]

When the Dwarf tricked Aurora Poule into using the Darkhold to get her revenge on the Perfection town, the N'Garai were summoned to aid her. Some of the N'Garai attacked Sam Buchana and Louise Hastings, but luckily were killed by Sabretooth, while some others had trapped Vicki Montesi inside an elevator.[29] Then, after Modred located the N'Garai's cairn, he told Aurora that her unborn child had now become a N'Garai, since they had no natural way to reproduce. After Modred sacrificed a woman by hurling her through the cairn to test if humans could pass through, he went to N'Garai's dimension to retrieve his soul.[3]

After finding out that she was pregnant with her father, Chthon, Victoria tried to kill herself to prevent from giving birth, but was stopped from Sam. Then a group of N'Garai showed up and tried to catch Victoria in order to protect her to ensure the rebirth of their master. The duo were chased by demons throughout the ruins of the Sanctum Sanctorum, until they were saved by Doctor Strange.[30]

Overtime, the cairn near the X-Mansion reopened again releasing another N'Garai demon. The N'Garai confronted Wolverine, but because of regression in his feral state, slew the demon and followed another one into the cairn. Nightcrawler went after Logan and found him battling an entire armada of N'Garai, despite being heavily injured. Because Logan and slipped into a feral rage he intended to kill every single remaining N'Garai until there wasn't any left. Kierrok fearing that he might succeed, send both the X-Men back to their world.[31]

Wanting to conquer his masters Belasco tricked Bloodscream into assembling an entire armada of zombie ships to attack the N'Garai in Magneto's island within the Bermuda Triangle. The X-Men, alongside Lee Forrester, tried to investigate, but were eventually captured by Belasco. After Belasco trapped Psylocke inside a crystal, he used the crystal to open the cairn and conquer the demons. Belasco confronted Kierrok and at first had the upper hand, but Lee managed to shot the crystal, and Bloodscream sacrificed himself to push Belasco through the cairn before it closed.[32]

The Ru'Tai, a slave caste of the N'Garai, were inspired by Wolverine's battle against Kierrok and rebelled against their oppressors, killing Kierrok with their leader Pilgrimm keeping his eye as an amulet.[33]

When Kulan Gath attempted to sacrifice the goddess Peliali to his masters, his plans were thwarted by the Avengers and Peliali's daughter Silverclaw. This left Kulan Gath to be consumed by his masters instead.[34]

Not all of the N'Garai had been slayed, and regrouped, teaming up with Belasco who until now hadn't realize that the N'Garai were his masters. They gave Belasco a new arm and planned to conquer Limbo, intending to use it as a stepping stone towards Earth. Belasco tricked Shadowcat into believing that Earth was conquered by the N'Garai via a illusion. She and the other X-Men performed a black magic blood spell to aid them against the demons, but instead it disguised them as the N'Garai, with Kitty trading their souls to the N'Garai which allowed them to take possession of the other members of the X-Men--Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Sunfire. Then Bleasco revealed his illusion and his plan, and sent the N'Garai to attack Kitty and Magik.[35] After Magik dispatched the N'Garai that was sent after her, the N'Garai possessing Storm tried to suck Archangel's soul to which it succeeded, despite the effort of Psylocke and Pilgrimm.[36] Then a more evolved N'Garai emerged the cairn wanting to eradicate mankind, while the N'Garai-possessed Banshee and Sunfire went to Genosha to claim the souls of Iceman and Polaris to which also succeeded.[37] The evolved N'Garai assaulted Thunderbird in Limbo getting the upper hand, until Wolverine intervened to save his friend's life. Unfortunately, thirteen N'Garai cairns have appeared around Earth near sites of mystical power, such as Vatican City where the N'Garai-possessed Colossus and Nightcrawler were. They clashed with Pilgrimm, Phoenix and Beast, but the demons managed to steal Beast's soul.[38] After collecting all of the Bloodstones, Belasco began reading the spell, but he and the N'Garai were assaulted by Wolverine, Thunderbird and Phoenix. Pilgrimm also entered the battle against both sides, but was defeated by Phoenix. Then Magik tricked Belasco by using Kitty to resurrect the X-Men and they were able destroy Belasco's castle and all of the Cairns around the world, ending their threat.[39]

The N'Garai B'Terak and M'Drul established themselves in Abergylid, Wales, kidnapping local residents to have them sacrificed to Kierrok. Despite being invisible to the normal human eyes, the X-Man Pixie was able to see them thanks to the darkness that had been put on her soul by Magik, and contacted the disbanded X-Men. After handing a list of the missing town's people to the local constable Rhys, she witnessed the two demons trying to kidnap some children. She held them off long enough for the children to escape and retreated to the local museum where she summoned her Souldagger and killed the demons. However, another group of N'Garai soon appeared and attacked her, but luckily was saved by the regrouped X-Men who had got the message. After killing the demons, the X-Men went to their base inside a mining cave where they found Kierrok who had been partially brought to Earth thanks to the sacrifices. While the X-Men battled the N'Garai demons, Pixie tricked Kierrok into destroying the supports of the cave, causing the entire cave to collapse on top of Kierrok, severing his link to Earth, but not before Pixie teleported the X-Men to safety.[40]

Powers and Abilities


The N'Garai's claws are poisonous.[41]


Type of Government


Level of Technology


Cultural Traits



The Dark Gods worshiped by Psyklop are unidentified, and might be the N'Garai.[42]



  • The term "Mabdhara" is either stated to be a N'Garai,[1] or to be the Masters, most significant N'Garai.[4]
  • The N'Garai bear a striking resemblance to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.
  • Ian McNee found out the N'Garai are one of the four main mystic threats which trace to Chthon, the other being the Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves.[43]

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