The N'Garai are a group of Demons created by the Elder God, Chthon. They lived on Earth millions of years ago, having enslaved humanity,[7] but eventually left to live in another dimensional plane.

Long ago when the N'Garai entered the Earthly realm, they came into conflict with Clan Akkaba (Earth-616) and Apocalypse single-handedly killed an entire tribe of them, which was witnessed by a young Margaret Slade.[8]

When the X-Man Cyclops accidentally destroyed a cairn in Westchester County, the N'Garai reentered our dimension, but were beaten back by Storm who resealed the portal.[9]

Powers and Abilities


The N'Garai's claws are poisonous.[10]


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: Demonic


Although their first comic book appearance was in X-Men #96, the N'Garai actually first appeared in a Satana prose story by Chris Claremont in Haunt of Horror Vol 2 #4.


The term "Mabdhara" is either stated to be a N'Garai,[1] or to be the Masters, most significant N'Garai.[4]

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