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Home of Killmonger in the Western Foothills of the Kinamasi Region of Wakanda. When Killmonger returned to Wakanda after years in the United States of America he took control of his village and made them a force to be reckoned with by supplying advanced weaponry. Under Killmonger they tried to gain complete independence from Central Wakanda and T'Challa. Their rebellion lead to T'Challa invading their village where he fought Lord Karnaj. After their forces were defeated their advanced weaponry was confiscated but T'Challa allowed them to keep their changed name and continue to exist.[1]

Venomm was accepted in N'Jadaka and could carry on his reptilian practices.[2] Over the decades Killmonger's leadership would eventually transform his villa into a thriving metropolis with technological advancements rivaling those of the greater cities of Wakanda itself, the only difference being the urban area takes more after modernized civilization outside of the nation than the more traditional architecture and infrastructure of its brethren cities.[3]


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