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N'Kalla is a Skrull child soldier adopted by Alicia and Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four.


N'Kalla was a Skrull child soldier. She was baptized in the blood of Skrull warriors soon after her birth by Empress S'byll, a process that imbued her with the chronicles of her people during the Kree-Skrull War and a deep hate for the Kree. On the other side of the war, a Kree child named Jo-Venn had been subjected to a similar process.[1] N'Kalla spent her early childhood in Skrullos, being reguriously trained in combat almost constantly. The few times when N'Kalla managed to be alone, she would sneak into the vault where Skrulls kept in stasis different aliens who had been supplanted by a Skrull back in their planet. One of them was the Earther Alicia Masters, who at the time was being impersonated by the Skrull Lyja. Despite Alicia being unconscious, N'Kalla became attached to her, and confided in her her most private thoughts.[7]

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When the Kree colonel Kal-Torr and Skrull general J'Bahzz decided to have both N'Kalla and Jo-Venn raised together and taught to fight one another, the Elder of the Universe known as the Profiteer brokered a deal to provide a neutral ground for that to happen. N'Kalla and Jo-Venn became an attraction at the Profiteer's Casino Cosmico, constantly fighting in a holographic arena that imitated scenarios from the Kree/Skrull War.[2] Each duel was to the death, with the loser only surviving due to a stasis field and medical attention between fights. The Profiteer refused to let the kids rest, and only cared for making a profit out of their constant dueling. This abuse worsened after the Kree/Skrull War ended with the formation of the Kree-Skrull Alliance, since the cease-fire destabilized the cosmic economy.[6]

N'Kalla and Jo-Venn's constant fighting came to an end when the Fantastic Four visited the Casino Cosmico. As soon as the team became aware that the combatants of the Profiteer's arena were children, The Thing and the Human Torch broke into the combat zone. Mister Fantastic used the arena's holograms to change the battlefield to a recreation of Black Bolt of Medusa's wedding, plunging N'Kalla and Jo-Venn into a reenactment of an instance of a Kree/Skrull alliance, with The Thing and the Human Torch throwing the fight, giving the kids a taste of truce. In the meantime, the Invisible Woman helped her children Franklin and Valeria cheat to break the bank at the casino's tables. The Fantastic Four agreed to sign everything back in exchange for N'Kalla and Jo-Venn, much to the Profiteer's chagrin.[6]

The Fantastic Four's return to Earth was interrupted when they encountered the fleet of the Alliance approaching the planet. Franklin and Valeria were tasked with escorting N'Kalla and Jo-Venn back to Earth.[4] Franklin and Valeria requested the help of Spider-Man and Wolverine, and the latter stabbed N'Kalla by accident, mistaking her for a hostile Skrull when she had shape-shifted into a tiger. While N'Kalla's injuries were being treated, Jo-Venn was kidnapped by the Dark Harvest, a secret sect of assassin priests at the service of the Cotati, an alien race enemy of Kree and Skrull enemies at war with the Alliance.[8] Still hurt, N'Kalla tracked down Jo-Venn and tried to free him, but was instead captured as well. The Dark Harvest recreated a Kree telepathic weapon called the Omni-Wave Projector on the two children, beaming dark memories of the Kree/Skrull War into the minds of every Alliance troop, stirring their buried enmity and putting their coalition at risk. When they tracked down N'Kalla and Jo-Venn, Franklin and Valeria managed to convince them to focus on the bond their shared at the arena: that each of them was the only other person going through the same experience, as well as the fact that they had managed to work together. This caused the Omni-Wave Projector's beam to change into one that strengthened the bonds between the Kree and the Skrull, including the bond between N'Kalla and Jo-Venn.[3]

Following the defeat of the Cotati, Jo-Venn and N'Kalla were present at the gathering between the victors in the Blue Area of the Moon, where they met Emperor Hulkling, emperor of the Alliance. The Profiteer was invited to the gathering to identify the origin of the Cotati's arsenal due to her expertise in weapons, and she attempted to reclaim N'Kalla and Jo-Venn. Hulkling voided the contract that gave her power over them and placed the two children under the care of The Thing and his wife, who was Alicia Masters, by royal decree.[2]



Skrull Shape-Shifting: As a Skrull, N'Kalla can shapeshift into whatever she wants.[6]

Skrull Requiem: As a baby, N'Kalla was imbued with chronicles of Skrull warriors during the Kree/Skrull War.[1]


Master Combatant: N'Kalla was able to go toe-to-toe with Jo-Venn without shapeshifting into a beast. The Profiteer remarked that her fighting skills were on a par with him.[6]


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