N'Kano gained his superhuman powers when he was accidentally exposed to energized Vibranium. King T'Challa (aka the Black Panther) had intended for him to be trained by the Fantastic Four, but instead, T'Challa ordered N'Kano to join the fledgling Fantastic Force.

Later in life, N'Kano retired from super-heroics and became a Wakandan Ambassador. While on a trade mission with the king's son, T'Chaka, they were attacked by the Soldiers of the Serpent. They meant to kill both him and T'Chaka but T'Chaka was saved by the Avengers. The Soldiers captured N'Kano and meant to kill him on national television but the Avengers were able to intervene and publicly save him.[1]


Seemingly those of N'Kano of Earth-616.

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