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N'astirh was a demon who helped Madelyne Pryor get her baby back from Mr. Sinister, and then fought the X-Men.[2]

During Limbo's incursion into New York, he decided to send a demon to possess the body of Hobgoblin, thus creating Demogoblin.[3]

He was supposedly killed by a lightning bolt from Storm.[4]

However a demon called N'astirh later appeared later alongside Magik and it is assumed that it is the same demon.[5]

During Hope's return to the present, N'astirh and S'ym cut a deal with Bastion's forces and provided them with a "weaponized ritual" that sent Magik back to Limbo. When the X-Men sent a team to rescue her, S'ym and N'astirh approached Pixie to make another deal: if Pixie would kill Magik, and take her Soulsword to N'astirh, he would return the missing piece of Pixie's soul and free her from Limbo's darkness forever.[6]


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  • Flight: N'astirh can fly using his wings, for an undefined period of time.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Durability: His body is highly resilient to superhuman attacks.[citation needed]
  • Claws: He can inflict serious injuries with his claws.[citation needed]
  • Techno-organic Nature: The Transmode Virus grants N'astirh the ability to alter his own shape; infect others with the virus, converting them into "techno-organic" beings; absorb the life energy from converted beings, after which they crumble into inert dust.[1]
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: While infected by the Transmode Virus he was almost completely invulnerable.[1]
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The virus gave him great regenerative abilities.[1]
  • Sorcery: N'astirh is a sorcerer, self-taught in the arts of black magic. His sorcery is said to nearly be as powerful as Belasco and have the potential to rival Illyana Rasputin (Magik) in Limbo.[7] He can use his magic to allow shape and size changing, flight, precognition and turn others into demons.[1]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He is a skilled, although untrained, fighter.[1]



Computer created by Wiz Kid that allowed him to "spell check" his spells, Belasco's Ancient Book of Spells, and power-sensing goggles.


  • A demon of similar appearance named "N'astirh" has shown up with the soulless Magik. This new N'astirh seems to have limited intelligence, and it's unclear whether or not it's the same demon.[citation needed]

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