N'jaga was a leopard that lived in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s. A natural predator, N'jaga was feared and hated by the other animals in the jungle.

In the 1921,[1] when the Rand family crashed in the Congo and lived there, N'jaga stalked young David Rand. David was rescued by his father John who shot at the leopard. Only grazed, N'jaga fled into the jungle learning to fear the elder Rand and coming to hate the younger. Following John's murder at the hands of jewel hunter Paul de Kraft, David was adopted by Zar the lion and became known as Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar and N'jaga soon came to be bitter enemies.[2]

Years later, N'jaga attempted to get revenge on Ka-Zar by trying to drown him into a river. Thinking that he had completed his task, the leopard left unaware that Ka-Zar had actually survived.[3] Later when Paul de Kraft returned to the jungle, N'jaga attempted to lead an army of jungle animals to attack his camp, however Ka-Zar convinced them to let him handle the invaders.[4] As Ka-Zar was preparing to get revenge against de Kraft for murdering his father, N'jaga challenged Ka-Zar to a duel. Ka-Zar refused him then, telling him that he would accept the challenge later. Zar warned Ka-Zar to be beware of N'jaga's treachery.[5]

This challenge was never resolved, as N'jaga appeared to attack those who were more vulnerable. Ka-Zar arrived too late to stop N'jaga from fatally wounding an explorer, who died telling Ka-Zar of a nearby poacher who was active in the region.[6] Shortly thereafter, Ka-Zar saved Rita Grey from N'jaga's clutches.[7]

N'jaga's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


N'jaga has the natural abilities of a leopard. He was also able to communicate and understand Ka-Zar.

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