Quote1.png What is wrong with you people? Can't this family be normal for just ten seconds? Quote2.png
-- Kiden Nixon

Appearing in "Wannabe: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Wannabe: Part Two"

At Cameron Palmer's residence, her husband, Sam, fixes her breakfast in bed. She's fairly shaken up after witnessing the bizarre outcome of the fight at school the previous afternoon.

Meanwhile, at the Nixon family’s apartment, their mom has found Kiden's older brother Ty’s, drugs. Mrs. Nixon flushes the white powder down the toiler much to the dismay of her oldest son. A fight breaks out between her mother, Ty, and the twin boys down the hall by the bathroom, prompting Kiden to angrily leave for school.

Things don’t go any better for her at school. As soon as she arrives, Ms. Palmer pulls her into the principal’s office. While she is there, Hector arrives at school and pays off the security officer, operating the metal detector, giving him a twenty dollar bill to ignore a brown paper bag he has carefully hidden underneath his coat. Despite Ms. Palmer’s urging, Kiden does not tell the principal anything about the incident of the day before.

She is eventually dismissed and goes into the hall of the school with the intention of getting outside to smoke. Kara catches up to her and wants to know what happened as well. Kiden has no explanation for either herself or her best friend. Kiden sees Hector approaching and does her best to avoid him in the crowded hall of teenagers. Eventually they meet and Hector says he has a surprise for her as he pulls out a gun.

Ms. Palmer sees Kiden talking to Hector and decides to get her attention for a more personal conversation just as Hector pulls the trigger. When Kiden opens her eyes the bullet is stopped in mid air just inches from her forehead. Kiden soon discovers that the kids in front of her and behind are frozen in place.

She skips joyously over to where Hector is holding the gun. As she is making a threat to Hector reality comes crashing down once again with a deafening sound of the gunshot. Kiden turns to see Kara holding their teachers’ body and blood running from the teacher onto the hallway floor.

Flash-forward to six months later, Principal Weismann is visiting Cameron at home. He is doing his best to get her to return to work but she refuses. He tells her that no one has heard from Kiden since the shooting. A few hours later on the same day Cameron has another visitor, Kiden, who finds her former teacher bleeding in the bathtub having attempted suicide.

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