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Quote1.png Look, I'm really thankful for all you've done, but you have to stop with these childish fantasies. You need to come clean. Quote2.png
Cameron Palmer

Appearing in "Wannabe: Part Three"

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  • Zebra Daddy (Name first revealed)
  • Zebra Daddy's henchmen (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Wannabe: Part Three"

A dark-haired teenage girl is with a man in a motel room. The man gets dressed and leaves some money on the bed. Scratch marks are seen on his back.

Across town, Kiden waits for the paramedics and rides to the hospital in the ambulance with Ms. Palmer. Kiden stays on a 24-hour vigil at Ms. Palmer’s side until she regains consciousness; meanwhile, the girl seen earlier is picked up by a pimp and taken to a strip club where she is chastised for cuts on her own arm, that the pimp reminds her is his property.

When Cameron is released to go home, Kiden accompanies her. Ms. Palmer presses Kiden to return to her family and to end her life as a runaway. Kiden tells her former teacher she is a mutant, but Ms. Palmer believes it’s a game and encourages Kiden to return home a second time. Ms. Palmer promises to called Child Services and Kiden agrees to leave the next morning.

The prostitute returns to the hotel to meet her next john and discover the same man from earlier, only this time he has brought a surprise, a knife.

That night Kiden dreams of seeing her father's death; however, his corpse gives her the address of a hotel to go to. Kiden wakes, writes it down and leaves in a hurry. Ms. Palmer hears her leave and goes to the front room to check. She finds a bleed through on the notepad of the address that Kiden has gone too. Ms. Palmer decides to follow her former student.

Kiden arrives at the hotel first, climbs the stairs, and sees a door to a room ajar. She enters and sees the man covered in blood lying dead on the floor. Ms. Palmer joins Kiden standing in the doorway and staring at this horrific scene as the girl sits upon the bed with two metal claws extending from her left hand that she his using to cut her own forearm.

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