Kaori Ikegami finally managed to awaken her daughter, Hannah, from a six-year coma. Hannah told Kaori that she'd been in a dark world with a door, then suddenly began yelling at an unseen entity, which took control of her body. The entity, Naamurah manipulated Kaori into converting a walking apparatus invented by Aaron Aikman into a suit of powered armor.


Naamurah then began abducting people over the course of a year, easily defeating Aaron's alter-ego, the Spider-Man, and cryptically warning him of the Inheritors. Posing as Hannah, Naamurah then had Kaori outfit the possessed abductees with walking apparatuses to create an army with which she would overrun the world.[1]



Cybernetic walking apparatus connected to her brainstem


  • Naamurah could probably not be an Inheritor, taking into account her absence from the final battle of Spider-Verse.

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